• What is chondromalacia patellae?

It is a wear/degeneration of the knee cartilage in the region between the patella (patella – knee bone) and the trochlea (femur – thigh bone).

  • What are the symptoms?

Pain in the anterior knee, mainly felt when going up and down stairs. It can also be felt when running, crouching, wearing high heels, among others. In most cases, in addition to pain, patients also report cracking of the knees when performing these movements.

  • How can it be caused?

      It may be secondary to genetically acquired deformities or to physical factors. Among the physical factors, the main cause is the lack of muscular strengthening associated to the incorrect performance of physical activities.

      It mainly affects women, due to physical shapes that pertain to the female sex.

  • What is the treatment?

            Muscular strengthening, performed through bodybuilding of the lower limbs guided by the orthopedist and physical educator.

It may also be necessary to use protective medicaments for cartilage and viscosupplementation; The latter, will be indicated in cases of more advanced chondromalacia.