• Are the exercises harmful to the knees?

      No, physical exercises are excellent on the knees. However, if they are performed incorrectly or excessively, they may cause damage to the joints.

  • What are the most dangerous knee exercises?

      The exercises can be harmful if they are of high impact or in patients with unprepared and muscles that have not been appropriately developed. Some specific knee diseases may impair or limit some exercises.

  • What exercises are recommended for knee injury prevention?

      Mostly bodybuilding. The musculature around the knees and thighs must be constantly developed to protect the structures and joints that surround the knees and prevent future injuries.

  • When should I worry?

      When there is pain accompanied or not with other symptoms such as crepitations, swellings and instabilities in the knees.

  • What should I do?

      Find an orthopedist who specializes in knees, for treatment or prevention of future injuries.