• What is the posterior cruciate ligament?

It is one of the four great knee ligaments. It works as a stabilizer. Lesions in this ligament are not as common as in the ACL, but they do exist and deserve attention and care.

  • How can it suffer a lesion?

It is most common after high energy accidents such as automobile, motorcycle and high impact sports.

  • Is it necessary to have surgery whenever it is injured?

No. Differently from ACL, for posterior cruciate ligament injury, we have alternatives other than surgery such as immobilizations and physiotherapies.

  • In cases that need surgery, how is it performed?

Surgery is performed through arthroscopy. Small incisions are made at the knee to allow the entry of camera and surgical instruments for operation.

Removal of the graft is also necessary to make the new ligament. Generally, this graft is obtained through an incision of about 3cm in the anterior region of the leg.

  • Is the surgery too painful?

PCL surgery is usually more painful, and pain prevention measures should be more rigorous. In the first few days after surgery, patients are given prophylactic analgesic medications, that is, they should be taken before any nuisance can be felt.

  • What kind of anesthesia is used?

Spinal anesthesia. Anesthesia performed in the back region. It is the same used in cesarean sections.

  • Will I need to be hospitalized?

Yes. Usually, it is necessary to spend 1 night in the hospital.